Now that we have your wedding booked, it's really important that I know as much detail as possible about the day in order to make sure it runs smoothly. Below is a questionnaire that will help me to do this. I understand that you may not know every detail straight away but you are very welcome to email me any extra details when they become clear.

Date of Wedding:
Date of Wedding:
If more than one location please state all locations that the photographer(s) are required at and who is getting ready where. (please put full address)
Normally this is two hours before you plan to leave for the ceremony.
How long does it take to travel from preparations to ceremony and will I be travelling with you or separately? If you are having two photographers, would you like the second photographer to travel to the ceremony venue earlier than me?
Please include full address and postcode.
How long does it take to travel from ceremony to the reception and will I be travelling with the guests?
I would recommend allowing around 5 minutes per group- this should help you to work out your timing.
I would allow at least 30minutes plus any travel time per location for photographs. This is a rough guide and you are welcome to make your own preferences.
If you have chosen a full day package I will usually stay for 30minutes to an hour after your first dance. If you are planning other events that you would like photographed later in the evening and past my 10hour day please let me know as then we can chat about extended coverage.
Deaths, divorces etc.
Please list names of people required for each photograph. Each photograph can take around 5 minutes to organise and take so I recommend that we take a maximum of 8 group photographs. You are welcome to send me this list up to a week in advance of the wedding day. I also recommend that you assign an usher or friend to help organise groups of people with me.
Will food be provided for me (and if applicable) my second photographer? *
Weddings are a long day and often in rural locations where it's not easy to nip to the shops! Chat to your caterer as they often provide 'vendor meals' which are a reduced rate main course for anyone working at your wedding. I would really appreciate a plate of hot food but understand if you are not able to provide it.
Are you happy for me to share a preview of your wedding on social media? *
Are you happy for me to blog your wedding? *