Steve & Sarah | Outdoor Scottish woodland wedding


"I will also be making a surprise entrance from the van to the forest in a makeshift throne"

This was the moment when I realised that Steve and Sarah's wedding was not going to be your bog standard wedding day and they did not disappoint. Steve and Sarah's wedding was unbelievably fun, relaxed and carefree. Starting with preparations at the beachfront Bayswell Hotel, Steve and Sarah got themselves ready as well as their prized camper van. Preparations continued in the forest, which might I add was their 'wet weather option' (the beach was the other option) a friend created a dreamy ceremony set up with an aisle and floral archway for their family and friends to gather around. 

Enter Sarah, on her daisy covered, home make throne, the perfect vehicle through a muddy forest in a white dress. A ceremony full of laughter, tears and precious words ended with a sing along and a 'mexican hug' around the gathering of people. 

A quick walk down to the beach showed us the imminent storm clouds coming over the water which was followed by a run back through the forest to the safety of The Strawberry Barn where everyone partied the night away.

Claire Fleck