Jacob & Maddie | Lake District Outdoor Tipee Wedding

Countryside tipee wedding

All of the weddings that I am lucky enough to photograph are memorable, but some are more memorable than others, usually because something totally unexpected happens. 

With warnings of thunder storms and heavy rains is was difficult to believe this as I walked to Jacob and Maddie's wedding rehearsal the night before down winding country lanes in 30 degree heat and wondered if I needed to buy sun tan cream for the following day. A peaceful morning of preparations at Maddie's family home where the reception was to take place also made us feel like maybe we were going to avoid the bad weather. Maddie's mum Pauline is incredibly creative and decorated the tipee and church, creating hanging greenery chandeliers, floral displays and bouquets.

Towards the end of a beautifully emotional and joy filled ceremony the heavens opened as guests ventured out past streams of water collecting in the streets and thunder rumbling over the hills. Just as we arrived back to Maddie's home for the reception, a twenty minute gap in the weather allowed us a quick walk up the lanes around the house before we had to run for shelter in the house so that we could wring out our clothes! 
A team of ushers worked on the tipee to make it water tight, placing buckets strategically around the rivers flowing down the sides of the tent whilst the merriment continued inside the tent. 

After a few dramatic hours of downpours, high winds and thunder and lightening the weather settled a little, allowing everyone some time to relax and enjoy hilarious and heart felt speeches followed by a good old dance party. 

Jacob and Maddie, thank you for inviting us to capture your amazing day. Thank you for your warmth, relaxed natures and constant energy. You are both great and we wish you all the love and joy as you start your adventure together! 

Special thanks to the legend that is Patrick Phillips who second shot, rescued me from getting very wet, and has all round great banter.