David & Alice | National Museum of Scotland Wedding Photography

Edinburgh Wedding Photography.jpg

When David and Alice said that they were planning to have their reception at The National Museum of Scotland I was so excited. I have been visiting there my whole life and it was like a childhood dream come true getting to walk around it after closing hours. 
Their wedding was so full of personal touches it's hard to know where to begin, but I feel like Alice's dress is a good place to start. Made by her mum, Alice's blue wedding dress was magical. I love it when people don't conform to a norm just for the sake of it. Alice still looked without a doubt like a bride and looked so beautiful without having to wear white. Not to mention the way it moved when she spun around and danced in it! 
They were married in Granton Parish church where David works and I loved that the local community were out to welcome then before and after the ceremony. It was very clear to see how loved they are in the area.
We moved on to The Nation Museum of Scotland's Tower Restaurant for the reception. With flowers by the wonderful Narcissus , our own private, circular roof terrace and a private tour of the museum after closing time. 
Just before dinner David, Alice and I snuck up to the roof terrace again for sunset and it was totally worth the time. The first film that the pair watched together was The Sound of Music so the natural thing to do when put on a round roof is to re-enact their favourite scene from the film.

So here it is, one truly unique and magical wedding...