A bit about me


Hi! I'm Claire. Born and bred in Edinburgh I am still loving this city and all it has to offer. My journey with photography started when I was given my first Nikon DSLR when I was 16, although I was always that kid who took five disposable cameras on a school trip because one just wasn't enough. I then went in to the crazy world of costume design for 5 years, including studying at Edinburgh College of Art where I spent most of my time studying historical costume, making extravagant garments or in the back room of a theatre sewing, ironing, putting wigs on actors and fixing hems.

After studying I moved straight into a tiny boiler room that I now call my studio at the back of a large church in the centre of Edinburgh. There I work as an illustrator and edit all photographs. 

For me, photography is about capturing an atmosphere, telling a story and creating a memory. That's why I love photographing people and hearing their stories, providing people with memories that they can see real character in. 

My Approach

 "The photos capture everything perfectly and with such delicate and intimate detail."


It’s so important that you get the right person to photograph your wedding day because, after all, you will probably spend more time with them on the day than with most of your family.

My focus is on documenting the wedding day as it happens in real time, capturing the natural moments of emotion, nerves, joy and intimacy. This approach means I deliberately try to be as discreet and unobtrusive as possible. I want to show you the moments of your wedding day that you didn't get to see, but also help you to remember all the details you put so much thought and work into. I love capturing the connection between people, so that’s why I would far rather go with you for a walk to a secret place than stage you in pose after pose. I want to create memories of the day that you committed your lives to each other, rather than the day that you posed for multiple photographs.

I often work with a second photographer as it allows us to capture all the important moments from different angles as well as more candid shots to create a complete story of your day. Nearly all of the wedding stories shown on my website feature some photographs taken by a well-practised, professional second photographer.

After your wedding I spend time editing 500+ of the best photographs of your day and send them to you on a USB within 6 to 8 weeks. You will also have access to an online gallery that you can share with your friends and family, buy prints and download separate images from.

A look through my stories should give you a better idea of my approach and if you would like more information I’d love for you to get in touch.



Much like my approach to weddings, I love to capture a family spending time together, this is why I love to come to people's homes or to a natural location rather than a studio setting. I want to capture the character of each of your family which is why I try to stage photographs as little as possible (other than maybe a neutral blanket and white wall) and I prefer to use your own possessions as props. Some of the best photos are taken when a child is playing in the corner rather than in the limelight. 

Timing is important when booking your shoot. A baby is best photographed in the first two weeks of their life when they are still new and sleepy, so get in touch during your pregnancy to book a time for me to stop by for an hour or so. For the rest of your family, we can chat about the best time to spend some time together, bearing in mind nap times, feeding times and daylight. 

Family packages start at £250 and include at least 70 photographs on an online gallery where you can download full quality images and order prints within a month of our time together.



I have been professionally photographing events for 7 years and love the buzz of being in the atmosphere of a concert, festival or theatre production. Recent event clients includes Q Commons, Anthropologie Edinburgh, The Royal Lyceum Theatre and NHS Scotland.

Depending on the size and scale of your event you will get a set of high quality photographs to use at your complete disposal. 

Event packages start at £150 but please get in touch if you are a charity looking for some help publicising events. 

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